... a terrific home-town performance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MILL in Iowa City, Iowa, a place for musicians, artists, and writers to "stop by for a Jack, and a joke, and a bite." 

A festive show with a great song list, new songs, and poetry in honor of the occasion. 

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Keith Dempster plays Harp on “GoodNight Ol’ Mill” and “You Got Me Dizzy”

“Ode to the Mill” by Dean Williams

"Suitcase Boogie" Words/Music by Joe Price

"Roll and Tumble Blues" traditional Words/Music by "Hambone" Willie Newbern

"You Got Me Dizzy" Words/Music by Jimmy Reed and Ewart Abner

Produced, Directed, and Edit: David Olive

Cameras: Dan Coffey, Ger, James Larson, James VanAllen   Live Sound: Dennis Jones

Pro. Audio Servics:  John Svec  Assistance from: Pat Bump, Robert Burns, Brad Eaton,

Andy O'Hara, Mary Taft, and Wendy Stephenson-Jones   Special Thanks to: Franklin Miller

"...last night at the MILL" ©2009 David Olive

All other Words and Music © Greg Brown

5 cameras, stereo, 94 minutes

Alternate multi-camera view, 94 minutes

subtitle lyrics in english, DVD-DL Video

ntsc, color, 1.78:1 widescreen

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. . . last night at the MILL

Greg Brown

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track #2 -

“Down at the Mill”